Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dog Shaming

Have you seen the website Dog-Shaming?  It's hilarious.  My kids love it.  Everyday, when the Wee Monsieur gets home from school, he wants to see if there are any new entries.  He insisted that we make our own version for our dogs.
There isn't enough time to list all the crime committed by Loki on the right.  He eats everything.  Little did I know, that we would soon have a new crime to add to the list.

That is my first hexagon flower.  Loki peeled all the papers out of it.  He only pulled out a few basting stitches, so I think it should be an easy fix.  But seriously, he ate all the papers out of my fabric?!  This dog also once very carefully pulled $62 in bills out of my husband's leather wallet, which was in his pants pocket.  The pants had been dropped on the floor, but neither the pants nor the wallet were harmed.  If you want to know how I know it was $62, I found them encased in poop in the backyard.  The bills were completely intact.  I cleaned them sterilized them and put them in ziplock bags and turned them into the bank as damaged.  It was 62 dollars!  You can imagine that the bank was not happy with me.

I was going to have a happy hexie post with nice photos of my first hexie flower, but you know who ruined that.  When I get another one made, I'll post it.

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