Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Craft room

One of the things that excited me most about our new house was having my own room.  The former owners had used this interior basement room as a theatre room, but I knew instantly that it would be the perfect craft room.  It is next to my kids rooms and it has a door that I can close, so I never have to clean up after myself or worry about little people playing with my stuff.

I made myself a design wall with a queen sized batting and a cheap curtain rod.  I've got one quilt that I need to show you, that would not have been possible without the design wall.  I think I need to add another curtain rod at the bottom to weight it down and help get rid the wrinkles.

I really hope I'm not going to jinx myself, but we might be done with tradesmen.  We got the stairs rebuilt, the living room painted and the plumbing worked on...multiple times.  I've lost track of the number of appointments we've had and the people who have traipsed through.

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