Sunday, October 28, 2012

Words of Wisdom

I just read a quote on someone else's blog that really helped me think about quilting and crafting in a new way.  I keep thinking I need to turn my hobby into a business.  I'm a stay at home mom who's 2 children will both be in school next year.  I keep thinking I should do something oriented towards a profit stream.  Since I want to spend most of my day quilting, that would seem to be a logical direction. The truth is I don't like making the same quilt over and over.  I like my process to be fluid.  I have one pattern that I've sold and the truth is even when making my own pattern, I can't stick to the directions.

I'm just finishing up a quilt that I made with the idea of writing a pattern.  However, I made a few cutting mistakes and instead of starting over, I just fluidly incorporated the mistakes.  I love doing that.  However, now I'd have to make another quilt following the pattern directions to have a picture for the pattern cover.  I just don't want to.  I even have some of the fabric cut.  I explored that idea and now I'm ready to move on.

So the quote that inspired me today is from Leah Day, who said, "A craft is worth pursuing ONLY if you can pursue what you want, when you want to."

There have been times this year when I simply haven't quilted because I told myself I HAD to work on that pattern idea, so I just did nothing instead.  I sort of stubborn that way.  It's nice to have a paradigm shift every once in a while.

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