Saturday, July 13, 2013

Madrona Road Challenge

I didn't realize I had never blogged my Madrona Road Challenge.  The DSMMQG decided that we would do small quilts.  I thought this fabric would coordinate well with my swoon quilt, so I decided to make my mini quilt into a pillow sham.  I was also under a serious time constraint as we had just moved and were going on vacation during my working time, so it needed to be small and simple.

I saw this pattern in a couple of different places right after I got the fabric, so it seemed like fate.  I did the math on how big a sham I wanted and then how many squares would fit evenly and took it from there.
 I thought I would try something new and hand quilted an outline inside each arrow.  I had pre-quilted it on my machine to hold everything together.  The hand stitching was just decorative.  It was hard!  I was using perl cotton and I could not get the needle through all the layers using the classic rocking technique.  I finally contented myself with just stitching through the top layer of fabric and not worrying about catching the batting and backing.
 I used one of my last chunks of Aviary on the backing as the colors worked perfectly and it shows of the large scale print so nicely.

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