Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP- Lily's Quilts QAL

Do you ever get paralyzed about a project and find yourself unable to move on to another project?  I feel that way about my Lily's Quilts QAL.  I haven't made any progress from last week,  when I posted about completing my 4 plates.

This is what I have, still.

I forgot that I'd need a huge amount of fabric for the background because of waste from cutting the arcs.  I had this idea that I'd only need half a yard or so.  Ha!!  Apparently I need 2 yards.  So, it's got to be something that I have 2 yards of or can easily get 2 yards of, that means local.  I'm not waiting another week or 2 for something to ship and arrive.

Here are my choices.
 The pale pink print on the left, I have a ton of.  The coordinating green pokka dot, that I had almost settled on, 16 inches.  I think I have settled on the damask in the center, though now that I can't use the green pokka dot for the exterior, I guess I could use it for the centers.
Here are a few more choices of fabrics I don't have much of, but are from Joann so I know I can get more.  Clockwise from left, green print that is sort of close to the green pokka dot at the top, that I don't have nearly enough of.  Next top right is a blue print that is sort of close to the blue print I used in the circle.  Then we have a green and blue paisley, that really doesn't work at all.  I feeling desperate, what can I say.  Finally we have the pink options, the pale print on the bottom is the same one from above and the darker pink geometric, I know I can get more of it, but I don't think it provides enough contrast.

I can get more of the damask too, but it's such a definite directional print that I think it is problematic for the exteriors.

I could be working on MIL's quilt, but I'm just so hung up on this one, that I can't think of anything else.

MIL's quilt- most of top is done, blocks just need sewing together

MIL's 2nd quilt- I've got so much fabric I might as well do another one.  I'm going to make a totally different pattern for the second one.  I think I'll do a bookshelf quilt.  MIL is an English teacher.

Rainbow Boston Commons-  While my mother was here, she picked out a rainbow pack of precut batik strips.  I volunteered to make her something.  She insists that it be a Boston Commons.  There's only enough fabric for a square pattern, not a rectangle.  I think it sounds seriously boring, but that's what she wants.  Oh and it's got to be in rainbow order.  Sigh!

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  1. It doesn't help if I say I really like the green polka dot, huh? I definitely like the contrast of the green. Can you get more of that one?

    The dresden's are really pretty! Good Luck making a decision!