Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lily's Quilts QAL

I made great progress today.  I got all 4 circles sewn together.
I'm only making a cuddle quilt for Baby Girl, so I'm going to stick with 4.  I'm also going to omit the framing, so it doesn't get too big.  I have a piece of minky that is 60 x 60 to use for the backing.  Each circle is 25 inches across.  The QAL is currently on the sewing the inner circles part.  Unfortunately, I can't get the templates to print in the correct size, so I'm going to have to follow Lynn's directions on making my own, which will slow me down a bit.  Plus, I still have to decide what fabrics I want to use for the inner circles and the filler around the edges.  Flickr opinion is leaning towards the green.

Just had a great idea.  I should embroider something in the centers.  The green wouldn't be the best choice if I want to embroider.  This is pretty busy, so leaving it a solid field, might be better. I'll have to think about it.  Of course I still have to decide what to use on the outside.  I think the pink blends too much and doesn't set off the circles very well.  White might be a better choice.  First I have to make those templates.

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