Monday, September 12, 2011


I love Halloween!  This year I have a few Halloween projects to knock out before I get to work on Christmas.  There are of course the kids' costumes.  The boy wants to be a ghost pirate, just like his favorite playmobil guys.
I think he imagines he'll looks something like this.  I just hope he's not too disappointed when I can't whip up a giant crab for him to ride around.  In comparison, Baby Girl's request to be a pink fairy princess seems simple in comparison.

In addition to the costumes, I some how got roped into making the kids a Halloween quilt.  Ok, we were in the LQS and it was the first time they were excited about fabric, so of course we got some.  I started with one of these panels.
I cut the nine big squares apart and I'm in the process of layering two more concentric rings of coordinates around them.  It should finish up just shy of 60 inches square, which is a fine size for a quilt for kids.
 I need to add the last two sides to the squares, but I think they look good.  I have an awesome orange and grey zig zag for the backing, but I'm also thinking about some brown minky that I have.  Minky would be super cuddly and good for fall.  Tying this quilt might be a good solution and get it done quickly.

What should I do with the left over piece?  They would be ok on pillows, or make cute decals on trick or treat bags.  Should I just hold on to them?

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