Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bucket list update

I can't believe it's February.  January pretty much sucked, except for the week in Vegas, which was only ok.  The Wee Monsieur was really sick.  We thought he might have appendicitis, but it was only a virus according to the ER.  Then I ended up having semi emergency surgery, I'm almost recovered.  Then Baby Girl and The Hubby got the stomach virus, but at least we knew it wasn't appendicitis.  12 hours after they came down with the stomach bug, Hubby and I flew to Vegas for a conference.  Hubby didn't enjoy the first few days and my mother, certainly didn't enjoy being left with a vomiting lethargic 3 year old.  Everyone survived, however.  Then I was rushing around to get ready for a craft fair.  I made 300 bows in a week, I was somewhat behind schedule do to the surgery.  Thursday night before the craft fair on saturday it got canceled.  One might wonder why it would get canceled.  The reason given was the weather.  Um, we live in Iowa, why bother scheduling anything in February if you would consider canceling for the weather.  For the record it drizzled lightly on and off on Saturday.  I hope they feel dumb.  That brings us right up to the present, as I'm writing this post, I'm waiting to hear from Hubby, who took Wee Monsieur to the ER, again, this time for stitches.  He fell in his room and whacked his chin on a toy treasure chest.  We didn't think it was too bad, until we got the blood cleaned up and saw that he split his chin open.

I've done virtually nothing quilty until yesterday, when I started cutting into my stack of fat quarters for my Swoon quilt, but that's another post.  I've done some more wonky star points as leader enders too.

Here is the bucket list.

Swoon- Started cutting and have 2 blocks partially assembled.

Postage Stamp Quilt-  haven't started, haven't uncovered the fabric from it's hiding place.

HST-  so many options, so little time

Drunkards Path-  not yet

Improv stripes bed spread-  Must finish this soon.

Interlocking wonky stars wall hanging-  30 or so stars, debating one star from each fabric, or more than one

Dutch windmills

Rainbow charm squares

Flying Geese

Perfect the zippered pouch

New Patterns- working on 2 different ideas, have prototypes, but need to work out the kinks.

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