Sunday, May 6, 2012

Balloon Flip Flops

We might have a little shoe problem around here.  By that I mean I have a problem with little shoes not that shoes are a little problem.  I recently did a google search for decorating flip flops to find a project for my little craft group.  I ran across this tutorial for balloon decorated flip flops.  I thought that was the perfect idea for fun summer flip flops.  I whipped up a pair for Baby Girl and to use as a demo.  I bought the flip flops at Target for $2.50 and I might have picked up a pair for myself as well.  I got the water balloons at the Dollar Store for $1 for 100 balloons.  $3.50 and about 40 minutes later, I had these.
 Baby Girl calls them Party Shoes and I can't argue with that.  She's got parties on the brain; yesterday was her birthday.  If you want to make your own, this is what I suggest you do.  The tutorial I found didn't have any specific directions other than to alternate the side the balloon opening was on.  Start in the center at the toe separator and work towards the back.  I tied the balloons in a simple square knot and snugged them up against each other.  I made the balloons quite dense, you could certainly use fewer balloons and make them less dense or just cluster the balloons on top.  I used all 100 balloons for these toddler sized flip flops.  I think you would need more than 100 balloons for adult sized ones.  You can always let the kids throw the extras at each other.  I was only able to find neon mixed colors, but Dollar Store and Target both had single color bags as well.

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