Friday, May 11, 2012

Heather Ross

I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but I'm completely obsessed with Heather Ross.  I remember years before I started sewing, running across Heather Ross's goldfish in bags fabric.  I thought it was the cutest stuff.  I didn't buy any because I didn't have a project for it or a sewing machine, so it seemed pointless.  Until a few months ago I still didn't own any Heather Ross fabric, because truth be told it's not really my sewing style.  I love her illustration style and sense of humor, but I tend to favor bold bright colors and I still try not to buy really specific fabric without any idea of what I will do with it.  Not to mention even her new fabric lines sell for about twice as much as regular quilt fabric.  Then Far Far Away 3 started going on sale and I might have bought some of that because it really makes me think of my mother as a little girl.  She never played with dolls, only model horses.  Then the flood gates opened and there's no stopping me, well there is a little stopping me.  I'm still not paying $60 bucks for a piece of a munki munki pant leg.  I just got a bunch of Rapunzel from a shop in New Zealand, which was literally the only place on the web that seemed to still have any.  I might also have gotten some Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.  I know a very cute little girl who loves Rapunzel, so I have a project planned already.

This brings me to the latest development, Heather Ross has a new fabric line coming out!!!  Nursery Versery should be available in June.  Yay!

PS if you happen to stumble across a Heather Ross Unicorn, let me know.

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