Friday, June 29, 2012

Kindergarten Quilt

I have been sewing, I just haven't been blogging.  We also decided to try and sell our house, so that and a few trips at the beginning of June took a lot of time.  I have a bunch to catch up on, so I'll just dive right in.

I sewed together this quilt for Wee Monsieur's Kindergarten teacher.  She had all the kids decorate their own fabric square and I sewed them together with some sashing.  It's not my best work, but it was done before the end of the school year and the kids got to see their squares made into a quilt.  The hardest part was that the squares were not the same size.  I didn't want to trim them too much, but neither did I want to spend ages sashing them individually and cutting those to size.  Anyway, it's done and the teacher loved it, so it's all good.

 There were 23 kids in his class, so I added a block to have a nice even layout.  I embroidered the year in the bottom right block, so the teacher would have no trouble remembering which class made the blocks.  I ended up trimming them to size width wise and then laid them out so that the columns added up equally.

I can't believe my first baby is done with Kindergarten.

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