Thursday, August 16, 2012


I've been wanting to make a pinwheel quilt for a while.  Last Spring I found out that the preschool teacher, who has taught both kiddos for the last 2 years and who is teaching Baby Girl this year, was expecting baby girl #3 in September.  She said she was planning on using the purple nursery she had already from the first two.  That gave me the idea of using purple and yellow as they are complementary colors and have a good value contrast.  I had to buy a bunch of purples as that is not a color I use very often.  It's good to have an excuse to beef up the stash. 
 Most of the pinwheels are unique fabric combinations.  I had enough fabrics that there are only a few places where I used the same combo twice.  Of course, I forgot to get a close up.  I love how some of the fabrics stand out more than others and how the secondary pattern of the quarter square triangles comes out when you least expect it.  I thought about mixing the HST components up completely before making the pinwheels, but then I thought the pinwheel pattern might get lost completely.

It's about 58 inches square, which is a good cuddle lap size.  I like to make baby quilts that are big enough to cuddle with the baby under.  I quilted it in cross hatching diagonals.  I've had really good luck quilting on the bias lately.  I haven't had any bunching.
For the backing, I took a single yard and half cut and sliced and diced and added fabric until it was big enough.  I had to go back and add two more strips after starting to baste when I realized it wasn't big enough.  Then I had to take out a quarter of my basting pins after I finished when I realized I had a big pucker in the backing.  Sigh, but at least it's done.  It's bound in a lavender and yellow stripe.

I don't have the HST bug out of my system.  I'm debating a king sized HST quilt, but I'm also leaning towards using half rectangle triangles.

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