Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Golf accessories

Every once in a while, Hubby asks me to make him something.  I'm always happy to oblige.  He never asks for full body skeleton costumes like the other male in the household.  Hubby's requests are usually more straight forward, a knitted head cover for a gold club, a wall hanging for his office, etc.  That golf club head cover was a spectacular fail.  Hey, I found a picture of it.  It's too funny looking not to share.  I'm going with it looks like a morel mushroom, but I'll leave it up to your imagination what Hubby said it looked like.
Anyway, it now covers Hubby's grandfather's putter, which Hubby doesn't golf with, but plans to keep forever.  At least it's being used.

The most recent request was also golf related.  Hubby got a couple of new clubs (don't ask me what kind) and one of them came with an incorrectly labeled head cover.  So he had two different clubs with the same head cover.  Confusing, right?  He asked me to make a new badge to stick on one of the head covers so he could tell them apart.  I have an embroidery machine, so this shouldn't be too hard.  The original badges were black with white lettering and he wanted the new one to be red.  I suggested yellow lettering so it would go with his bag which is black and red with yellow accents.

Here is the old badge and the new bit that I did using quilt scraps of course.  Actually this is the second one I made, because he liked the first one so much.
 I embroidered the number and the circle around it, then sewed it to the original badge which already had the velcro on the back.  Plus, that made the badge much sturdier than it would have been just being made of quilting cotton.
Here are the final products.  I zigzagged around the edges with the embroidery thread to get a more substantial edge and really secure it to the original badge.

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  1. LOL that's so funny. Don't you love how hubbies alway ask us to make werid stuff? I mean what's wrong with a pair of socks?! Golf head covers? Is there even a pattern for it? Cute post :)