Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Decor

I pulled out the fall decor a few weeks ago and decided I wanted a wreath to match a garland I made for the mantle.

The garland was just strips of fabric tied onto a strip of muslin.  You could use twine or string, but I have a bolt of muslin, so I just ripped off 2 wof strips.  I pulled out my brown, yellow, orange, red and olive green scraps.  I cut a ton of strips 5-9 inches long and 1-2 inches wide.  I also threw in some black and orange tulle scraps from Baby Girl's tutu.
I filled that gallon ziplock to bursting and then had to cut more.  I can got the lid on the warm scrap bin again, but there is still a ton in there.

I cut a ton more for the wreath, but I tied them onto a wire wreath frame that I got for less than $5.

Since I used scraps and ugly fabrics, the only cost was frame.  It turned out nice and full and even looks good from the back, which is important because our front door has windows at the top.  I hung it with a command hook on the inside of the door.  I had to take this photo against the wall, because all the pictures on the door were backlit.

The nice thing about this project is that all your ugly scraps get hidden in the mass and are used up.  I added a little orange tulle poof, because it seemed to need a little something.

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  1. Awesome projects!! I'm actually making these wreaths for a church craft night on Wednesday but we're using wire hangers instead of the wreath forms. I love how full yours looks with the form! I may have to get one of those to make mine with!
    : ) The garland is a great idea too!