Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seashore Granny Squares

I jumped on the granny square bandwagon.  I had a bunch of charms squares that I had cut up for the baby quilt I made for the BFF to give as a gift.  I didn't want to do patchwork again, but I wanted to use the charm squares.  Granny squares seemed like a good fit.

 I ran out of aqua before I got to the setting triangles, so I used a medium grey for those.

 I FMQ'd this one too.  Since the quilt is bigger I used a bigger scale loop and tried harder to be consistant.

 I'm so thrilled with my new skill.  It really is like riding a bicycle.  You just to have confidence and just go for it.

 On the back I used a big piece of madras cheater patchwork and pieced in the scraps and a navy print.  I believe the navy is a DS for Joann's.  The madras cheater is from Shore Thing, I think.

 I'm really pleased with the front and I hope the recipient, will love it and use it.

 Washing it really helps smooth out all the funky places in the quilting.

 I bound it in a connecting threads stripe.  Perfection!  And I didn't forget to label it.

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  1. Remsen says thank you. He has spent the tummy time of his babyhood on this quilt, at first difficult, now at 7 1/2 months, thrilling. I lay this down on the floor and he rocks back and forth on his hands and knees or lays on his belly and waves his arms around. He'll get it, eventually, and it will happen on this quilt.
    Your artisanship is astounding. This quilt is so beloved. When I first saw it, I couldn't believe your generosity--and your sheer RAW TALENT. Now, it is a wonderful part of my home. My child will learn to crawl on it, and later, it will keep him warm at night when I convert his bed to a toddler quilt. This present, which you had no business making so nice for me, will be in my heart forever.