Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sewing for kids

I whipped up this cute little project for the kids this week.

I originally saw the picture here of a toddler dragon hoodie with embroidered wings and little spikes up the back.  I thought, I can do that.  I skipped the embroidered wings.  I got the hoodies on sale at Old Navy.  I picked hoodies that were a bit too big, because I knew I'd be making them a bit smaller.

To start with, I made little triangles out of double layer of grey fleece for the Wee Monsieur and out of pink calico for Baby Girl.  I folded the hoodies in half, right sides together.  Then I stuffed the triangles into the fold from the center of the forehead down the spine.  I pined each triangle in place and sewed along my fold.  This is the result.
 The triangular spikes stand out along the spine because they are caught in the fold and sewn securely.  the kiddos spent the afternoon crawling around the floor pretending to be dragons.  They insisted on being tossed imaginary fish to eat.  I might have told them that dragons eat fish.  I thought explaining that dragons eat Knights might not go over very well.