Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fresh Sewing Day: It's All About The Chair!

Fresh Sewing Day

This is my latest completed project.  It is a wall hanging for my husband's home office.  

I'm calling this quilt It's All About The Chair!  Requested colors that would complement the room, coordinate with his new bright red office chair and then maybe some bright green.  I wasn't quite sure about the golden yellow, tomato red and apple green at first.  As with any color scheme, you need to pick the right shades and you can make it work.   The easy way is to find a fabric that has your desired colors and pull from there.

These are all the fabrics I originally pulled.  Not all the fabrics made the final cut.  I started with the Tufted Tweets arm chair fabric, which had the red, a yellow accent and black and white.  I pulled the other fabrics working with the colors from Tufted Tweets.  I picked bright saturated greens with white as the neutral to coordinate with the white in the other fabrics.  I had tried to use a muted green like a sage or evergreen, it would have looked odd with the bright saturated red and yellow.  The bright green works specifically because it is so bright.

This is the back.  I love using width of fabric cuts for my backing and piecing in the middle with scraps from the front.
I almost always do the backs of lap sized quilts the same way.  I describe my method here.  I like because there is no wasted fabric and it coordinates with the front of the quilt.

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