Thursday, August 18, 2011

First day of school and some other summer fun

The Wee Monsieur started kindergarten today.  He rode the bus and I only cried a bit.

Earlier in the week I made jam.  Our strawberries all came ripe right before we left for vacation, so I froze them all.  I finally got around to pulling them out and making jam.  I threw in a frozen bag of kiwis for fun. The kids call this Super Strawberry Jam.  I use a cheapo emersion blender to smush up the chunks.  It works great on soups and sauces too.  I've already got these three earmarked for teacher gifts at Christmas.

Baby Girl has been playing with these little nesting boxes from Ikea for the last week.  She keeps leaving them in interesting patterns, so I've been snapping pictures.  It gives me a hankering to make a quilt with circles.  I wish someone would send me one of those Go! Baby cutters.
Those are the boxes on the left and the lids on the right.  She's really good at getting them in just the right order. Have I mentioned she likes to play with buttons at the store, which annoys the sales women, except that Baby Girl always outs the buttons back in the right spot.  It's amazing how she's able to always get the button back on the correct post, even in Joann's button aisle.

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