Sunday, August 7, 2011

Framed Squares, another finish

My MIL is coming to visit today, so I wanted to get her quilt finished for her.  This was, perhaps, my longest in the works quilt.  Usually, I don't like having unfinished project hanging about, but this time I'm glad I put it aside, because the back is awesome and it wouldn't have been if I had just finished when I started it.
 I think I got some of my rows mixed up, because I thought I had a avoided having the same fabrics next to each other.  Oh well, it looks fine and I'm the only who will ever notice.  My MIL loves harvest colors and I started with the dark print and drew all the other colors from the dark print.  All the fabrics, with the exception of the gold, are from Joann's.  Not all of their fabrics are terrific, but you can certainly get some nice ones if you are careful.

I'm so pleased with the way the back turned out.  MIL is a high school English teacher, so I thought the book shelf design would be appropriate.  Hubby said it's my best back yet!
 I used the book fabric for the shelf above and below the books.  I used strips of scraps to give the extra dimension needed.
 I used the alphabet function on my sewing machine to sign the quilt on the spine of one of the books.

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