Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Pillow

As I was working out the design for the back of the Halloween quilt, I made a panel out of all the scraps from the front, plus some scraps from making trick or treat bags.  It didn't work out for the back of the quilt, but I saw no reason why it should go to waste.  I quilted it and turned it into a pillow.
 I quilted it in straight parallel lines that are randomly spaced.  I used a few different thread colors, to either blend or stand out.  It's bound in an awesome stripe with all the Halloween colors.
 The back is an orange and black stripe leftover from making pirate pants and some cute dancing mummies which was the biggest piece leftover from the Halloween quilt.  The mummies aren't very wide, so I just made the stripe piece wider so there would still be a good overlap.
I love these envelop back pillows.  I'm teaching a group from my MOMS club how to make them and we are having a blast.

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