Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP wednesday

There are entirely too many WIPs hanging around at the moment.  I got 2 quilts back from the long arm quilter and I must get them done and out to their new owners.  B's Bento box quilt only needs binding, which is already made and ready to be sewn on.
My mom's rainbow Boston Commons turned out so fantastic.  I tried to get some up close shots of the quilting, but it's beyond my photography skills.
Here is the quilting.
 Every color has a different pattern.  It's amazing.

I clearly need to finish my kids' Halloween quilt before Halloween.
I have it half quilted.  I'm doing straight lines following the lines of the concentric squares.  I did one direction all the way across.  Now, I just need to go back and do the perpendicular lines.  The hard part is done.  I had spray basted it, but I started to run out of adhesive and didn't realized it.  I had to go back and pin almost half as I was quilting it, because it was shifting too much.

The Dead Simple quilt is small and would be a snap to finish up.

Then there's the top I started for a Christmas present for my Dad and his wife.

 My grey and yellow bed spread is stalled for the moment.  I actually packed it up and put it away for the moment.  I have too much else going and I haven't even geared up for Christmas yet.

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  1. You have so many pretty projects going on! I especially am drawn to the Rainbow Boston Commons and forgot how much I love Bento Box quilts!

  2. love the Boston Commons quilt (is it a table or bed runner?) and your Dad's quilt--gorgeous!

  3. Oh, boy!! What fun projects. That Halloween quilt is something fun to work on this week. :) Love the bento and the rainbow!

  4. Oh wow! That Boston Commons is gorgeous and those colours just pop! I'm hosting TGIFF! this Friday at It would be great if you could link up and share this. So beautiful!

  5. Love the Bento Box quilt. That is a really cool pattern and the colors are great!