Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Bucket List

I've made some progress in the last 2 weeks.

Winter tree quilt-  I started off following the Purl Bee tutorial, and was really unsatisfied by the results.  I didn't like having the seam down the middle of the tree.  Making all the trees different blocks seemed inefficient.  I can see why they did it the way they did, just being able to give people measurements for rectangle is easy for a free tutorial.  I wanted to make my trees differently and I invested in a few different triangle rulers.  I have one top put together and now I know how I want to do the final piece.

Postage Stamp Quilt-  haven't started, haven't uncovered the fabric from it's hiding place.

HST-  so many options, so little time

Drunkards Path-  not yet

Improv stripes bed spread-  Must finish this soon.

Interlocking wonky stars wall hanging-  I made a few stars

Dutch windmills

Rainbow charm squares

Flying Geese

Perfect the zippered pouch

New Patterns- working on 2 different ideas, have prototypes, but need to work out the kinks.

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