Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scrap Attack Quilt Along

Scrap Attack Quilt-Along
I'm in for the scrap attack challenge.  Since I first did the wonky star blocks for my 4x5 Modern Bee blocks, I've known I wanted to do a wall hanging for my living room.  That was my plan for my entry in the scrap attack quilt along challenge.  I have started, I have one star done and a bunch of little white squares cut.  I'm debating whether I should use all my white scraps as background, or restrict myself to Kona white scraps.  

Anyway, when I was pulling out the scraps I got an inspiration for another scrap quilt.  I envisioned improv log cabin blocks, which are my favorite thing ever and which I told myself I wouldn't do anymore of this year, with bright blue centers and moving from white around the blue to dark brown at the edges, set in dark brown sashing.  Despite telling myself that I was moving out of my comfort zone this year, I started on them a few days ago.  It's been a hard week and I needed some comfort sewing.  Plus, sometimes when you get an artistic vision, you have to see it through.

 The top two blocks need one more circuit of dark brown.  The blue centers don't pop as much as I thought they would.  Some of that is starting with blue scraps that have too much white in them.  I'm pretty happy with the shade progression from white to dark brown.  I did need to cut some more beige scraps, but it's in the stash, so that's allowed. 
 Some of the squares I cut wonky and some I left natural.
I think I like the mixture of deliberately wonky and naturally wonky.  Anyway, I'm doing a good job of burning through my white, beige, brown scraps and I'm highlighting a few of my favorite blue scraps.

I'm now thinking that to get more blue in the piece I should sash the blocks in a bright blue, which would contrast well with the dark brown outer ring.  Decisions, decisions!

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  1. I like your log cabin blocks. The fabric is great. I am working on a pink,red and white log cabin blocks now. They are fun.