Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bat Costume

One of the things I love about sewing is being able to make things for my kids.  The Wee Monsieur had a musical program at school last week and he was supposed to dress as the woodland creature of his choosing.  We talked about a few different animals and finally, he had a great idea, a bat.  This was a great idea because I had already made bat wings for a Halloween costume 2 years ago.  Most of the costume could be black pants and a shirt, all that was needed was a hood with ears.

I used a hoodie that I knew fit well as a pattern for the bat hood.  I found a great fur textured fabric and a tutorial for making bat ears online.  30 minutes later, I had a bat hood.
Baby girl had to be in the picture too.  The funniest thing happened at the program.  The Wee Monsieur got hot in the middle of the program and took off the hood.  He held it for a while and then I think one of the teacher told him to put it back on, which he did, but upside down.  For the rest of the program, the ears pointed down and backward and he kept tugging at it as the neck was too tight and the face too deep.  It was so funny.  I restrained myself from running up on stage and fixing it.

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