Thursday, April 12, 2012

How far have I come?

The answer is about 11,000 yards.

 I started quilting about 2 years ago, give or take.  I think I've kept almost all my empty spools.  There are quite a few used spools, that I haven't emptied yet, so the real number is bigger, but almost 11,000 yards of empty spools is pretty impressive.  I asked the Hubby how many yards of thread he thought I had used in 2 years.  He guessed 1,000 and was very impressed by the actual number.  I think I should let the empties go now, what do you think?


  1. How fun! I've been keeping mine too in a mason jar and I let my kids play with them. They line them all up and make up stories, build towers and knock them over! They love them. Don't know if that helps, but that is what I do with mine!

    1. My daughter would love to play with them. Maybe it would distract her from rearranging my fabric. She always asks to help when she sees me sewing and then ends up moving the pieces around to make families.