Thursday, April 12, 2012

Liebster Award

My good friend Vicki, who blogs at Mommy Made It, gave me a Leibster Award.  This is an award for blogs with fewer than 200 followers.  Having received the Liebster Award, I should brag about having won it, thank Vicki for giving it to me and pass it on to 5 other small bloggers and make their day the way Vicki made mine.

So here goes... I GOT THE LIEBSTER!!!!  WOO HOO!!  

Thanks Vicki!

I nominate:
Doris at Made by a Brunnette-  She started the Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild where I've gotten so much inspiration and appreciation.  I just wish I lived a bit closer so it wasn't such a long drive to the meetings.

Liz at Goddess in Progress-  I have no idea how many followers she has, but I find her fun to read.  She does a great job of mixing real life and quilting on her blog.  Plus, she made me the awesomest swap package, which I'm such a slacker that I haven't even blogged about it yet.  Soon, I promise.

Stephanie at Venus de Hilo-  Her use of color is totally fearless.  She puts color together in ways that would never occur to me.  She's working on some New York Beauty blocks right now that are amazing.

Nicole at Tradewind Tiaras-  Nicole is so much more than just tiaras.  We have been friends since the first day of freshman year of college.  Her creativity astounds me and I have learned so much from her.

Kate at Savour-Fare-  Kate is one of my oldest internet friends.  We've known each other online for ages and she went to law school with my husband, which we didn't discover until we'd known each other for a while.  Anyway, her food blog is amazing and all her recipes that I've tried have been great.

Just a disclaimer, I have no idea how many followers these folks actually have, so they may not be technically eligible.  Their blogs are ones I look forward to reading and I thought it would be nice to brighten their day the way mine was brightened.


  1. Squeeee! Thanks for passing this lovely award on to me! And yes, I'm nowhere near 200 followers yet, so far as I know.

    I'll post my choices of who to share this honor with on the Venus de Hilo blog, just as soon as I've made them.

  2. Thanks, Eva! I'm finally catching up on blog reading, maybe I'll even get to blogging again one of these days...