Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It seems appropriate to pick up where I left off more than a month ago.  I finished the Swoon top and delivered it to my long arm quilter this morning.  I tried to get some decent pictures of the top, but it's so big that I had a lot of trouble.  I finally took it on a play date to get some help.  Here is my friend and her daughter trying to hold it still against the wind.  Have I mentioned how much I hate the near constant wind we have in Iowa?
That was the best picture I got.  Basically, I doubled the sashing, added corner squares and put a border og charm squares around the outside.  I got it up to 98 inches square, which should be a decent queen size.  I picked out a swirly loopy pantograph for the quilting.  I bought a dark grey king sized flat sheet for the backing.  I thought that would be easier and cheaper than my usual pieced backing, but my quilter said sheets shrink at different rates and they have such a higher thread count that it's harder for the needle to go through.  Sigh!  So much for using sheets as backing when sending things to the long arm quilter.

Now I just need to finish up 2 bee blocks and a few baby gifts and I can move on to the next big project. I have a stack for On a Whim, but I'm sort of feeling something a little simpler.  Maybe I'll knock out my postage stamp quilt before I tackle On a Whim.

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