Saturday, April 21, 2012

Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild Pillow Swap

The DSMMQG had a pillow swap over the last few months.  We exchanged pillows at our meeting last week.  My partner had posted pictures of a grey and navy blue quilt she made for her guest room and asked for a pillow with an accent color to go with the quilt.  I chose a deep coral that I thought worked well with the navy and grey.  My partner also specified that she loved Dresden circles.  Done and Done!

I couldn't show any process pictures because I was afraid that my partner would be able to guess too easily.  The only picture I showed was the back, where I used a large scale floral.
 Now that my partner has her pillow I can show the front.
I just did a few rows of echo quilting in navy blue around the outside.  It is bound in Kona Salmon.  I couldn't even begin to tell you what all the fabrics are.

My partner followed my preferences to a T.  I'm so thrilled with my pillow.
 She used a dimensional technique for making the flying geese, which adds depth to the pillow.

When I was taking these photos, my husband looked over and said, "It matches that quilt exactly."  Indeed it is a perfect match.
 Here it is with its new friends on the couch.  Thank you Emma!!!

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  1. You're welcome Eva Marie, I'm so glad you like it!! (since I loved it too, it was easier to give away knowing it was going to a good home!)