Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grey and Yellow

In order from most enjoyed to least enjoyed, my favorite aspects of quilting are:
1. Picking and pairing fabrics
2. Designing the quilt
3. Piecing the quilt
4. Sewing the binding
5. Cutting the fabric
6. Basting the quilt
100. Quilting the quilt

I've really got to do something to get over my dread of quilting.

I've been collecting grey fabrics for a few months now.  I think I've finally reached critical mass and can start a grey quilt.  I want to do an improvisational pieced giant log cabin square.  I've got more than enough for a cuddle quilt, but I'm not sure I've got enough for a king sized bed quilt and there's no budget for getting a king sized quilt quilted.  Our master bedroom have a grey accent wall, so a grey quilt would look lovely in the room.  In the end, I doubt we'd use a quilt on our bed because we can't share covers.  I like lots of layers and Hubby likes to sleep on top of whatever bedding is available, so we have separate bedding.  I guess I'll start with a cuddle quilt and see how much fabric is left.

I pulled all my grey and grey and yellow fabrics and laid them out on the ironing board.  The wad of fabric in the center is one of Hubby's work shirts that he put in the Goodwill box.  It has a grease stain on the front.  It's a beautiful shot cotton and I should be able to get a nice bit of yardage out of the back and sleeves.
 A little Aviary 2 plus a few others.
 Some Kona solids and apparently I liked that grey Sanctuary, because I have 2 pieces of it.
Gosh I love picking fabrics!

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