Monday, May 16, 2011

It's all about the chair quilt

My husband is on a golf trip with a bunch of guys from work.  He's starting a new job on June where he'll mostly working from home.  We're making a home office for him out of the guest room.  We got him an awesome new desk chair as I talked about here.  He requested a quilt to hang on the wall to decorate his space.  Before he left for the golf trip, he jokingly requested that his quilt be done by the time he returns.  Little does he know, that's what I'm aiming for.

I started with my Tufted Tweets as inspiration.  I showed him the fabric and he picked two of the three.  The two chair prints.
Then came my favorite part of quilting, pulling fabrics.
I focused on the bright reds from the background, since that's the color of the hubby's desk chair.  I also pulled some golden yellows to pick out the bird on the wing chair.  The office already has some golden yellows in it, so those yellows work with the room too.  I found that red dot on orange to be a pretty good match for the orange in the side chair print.  I thought some graphic black and white prints would be a good contrast.  The greens are there for that little jarring note and because Hubby requested a contrast color and he suggested green.  What can I say, under my influence the man is developing an eye for  color!

I'm always fascinated at what fabrics end up in the quilt and what doesn't make the cut.  Tune in tomorrow to see the quilt top.

I was at Target today and I stopped to see if they had any fun colorful accessories that the office might need, but their colors were all wrong.  Hubby already found a great red desk fan, so that's a start.  I'll have to get to an Ikea one of these days.

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