Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP- It's all about the chair quilt

I didn't quite make my self imposed deadline.  Hubby got back from playing golf last night, and the quilt was only have quilted.  I ran out of spray baste.  Sigh!

I showed Hubby my progress last night.  I tried to be sneaky and showed him the back first, but he wasn't fooled.  As he said, "I've seen your backs before.  I know what they look like."  Color me impressed that he's been paying that much attention.  So here is the top and the back.
 I'm really surprised at how well the bright reds, golden yellows and apple green work together.
 I like the way the Tufted Tweets chairs are a focus, but not overwhelming.
 I couldn't resist using the concentric squares fabric for the center.
 I really do have a thing I do for backs.
The yellow stripe is there because I accidentally cut the fabric in the wrong direction.  I had a stripe leftover from the front so I just pieced it in.

Other WIP's
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B's quilt- fabric awaiting cutting
Modern Quilt Guild challenge #3- Fabric gathered, pattern picked, just need to start.  I might run out of time on this one
Twin baby quilts- Just found out the woman who cuts my hair is having B/G twins in July.  I'd love to make her coordinating baby quilts.

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  1. That is so cute! Great use of a fun fabric line. And I like the accidental yellow stripe on the back. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )