Friday, January 14, 2011

Big Girl Bed

My baby girl's big girl bed was delivered today.  I spent ages looking for just the right one.  Hubby HATES metal beds, so that eliminated a bunch.  The rest of her furniture is white, so I thought white was a good idea.  We ended up getting her this one from PBK, surprisingly cheaper than anything similar we saw.  We wanted something feminine, but not over the top girly.
 The head and foot boards have a bead board detail that goes nicely with the shabby chic thing that is sort of happening in her room already.  Shabby chic is a great unifier for a bunch of hand me down mismatched furniture.  Work with a consistent color scheme and you are good to go.  Pink is an obvious choice for a girl's room and there are two fabulous victorian chairs upholstered in an incredibly ugly pea soup green brocade that have no where else to live, so we needed to pull in some green.  When we moved to our current house the petite mademoiselle's room was already painted a fresh light green with a focal wall that had 3 horizontal stripes in 3 shades of green.  Amazingly, the green walls of the room make the green brocade look good.  Add some white furniture which lightens everything up and the whole thing works.  I'd take pictures, but she's currently not feeling very well and I finally got her to sleep.  I didn't plan this post very well, sorry.

When I bought her crib bedding eons ago, I bought the matching bed sheets too.  You don't often find a pink and green chinoserie toile.  Now I get to make her a quilt.  I'd like to use her crib sheets and maybe even the crib skirt and bumpers in the quilt.  My idea is that I'd fussy cut the the toile scenes from the crib sheets to use as the centers of blocks.  The only problem is that I don't want to cut up the crib sheets until I'm REALLY certain I know what my plan is.  I won't have enough pieces, from the crib sheets, to make all the blocks I'll need, so I'll need to alternate with something else.  I just haven't found a design that truly grabs me.  For now I made up the bed with a quilt that was given to us for a wedding present.  My wedding colors were pink and green, and those are the colors of the quilt, so it works nicely in the room.

Any suggestions for quilt patterns that have largish focal blocks mixed in with other blocks?  I need some inspiration.

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