Monday, January 10, 2011

Do you...

Watch TV while you craft?  I've always found that I concentrate better if I have background noise going.  In high school I did all my home work with the TV on, in college I wrote papers to the sound of movies or CDs running in the background.  Now I quilt to the sound of movies I've watched a 100 times.  I have my sewing machine and ironing board set up so they face the TV.  I can barely hear the TV over the sound of the sewing machine, and mostly of the time I'm not even looking at it, but I like the back ground noise.  I have a big selection of my favorite cheesy movies and I pop one in as I get to work.  After last night's post ended with a James Bond reference, I clearly had to pull out the complete Bond collection.  Last nights selection was Live and Let Die, perhaps one of the worst of the bunch, but for some reason I was in the mood for it.

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