Monday, January 31, 2011

Zig Zag Quilt completed

I think we have all the kinks worked out of the new computer set up.  I can now blog from the comfort of anywhere, while still accessing the pictures on the office computer.  Hubby had to get a new external drive to hold all the photos.  Apparently, we were one upload of kid or quilt pictures away from filling up the hard drive.  I didn't think I took that many pictures.  Who knew!

I finally finished the binding.  See how neat it is?  No visible stitches!  Doesn't the lavender minky play nicely with top?  See how the binding coordinates with the other lavenders, but isn't matchy, matchy.

And here is the whole quilt.  All completed.
Hubby isn't big on the process.  He prefers if I show him the finished product.  I used to show him my knitting and proclaim victory when I was done knitting, but hadn't yet finished it- sewed seams, wove tails etc.  He started calling me on it, because I'd never get around to the fiddly icky stuff like weaving tails.  I had projects sit around for years 99% done.  He refused to give any kudos until it was COMPLETELY finished.  At first I was majorly annoyed, being deprived of my expected head pats was hard.  But, you know what, I started finishing projects completely because I didn't get any acknowledgement until they were done.  Now that the system has been in place for a while, it's a good thing.  Now I finish something completely before I mentally move on to the next project.  I'm even learning that the fiddly finishing details aren't as bad as I thought they were and don't take nearly as much time as I thought.  I'm EVEN learning to to enjoy the meditative process of sewing a binding by hand.  Now when I finish a project and show it to Hubby, I get kudos and satisfaction that there are no fiddly finishing details still left to be done.

Lets take another look at that binding.  She's a beaut and totally, completely, utterly finished!

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  1. Just lovely. Congrats on finishing it. :-)