Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The robot quilt

I fell in love with this fabric at a LQS (local quilt shop for those in the know).
I didn't quite know what to do with it, so I didn't buy any.  I was trying to be good. Fast forward a few months.  They had a big sale, so I bought a couple of yards total of a few different fabrics.  Then I got inspiration.  My son is having a robot birthday, he's always asking for blankets to cuddle with on the couch.  I decided to make him a cuddle quilt for his birthday.  Of course I had to go back to get a few more fabrics from the collection and they were having a sale on 60x60 cuts of minky.  I ended up picking the blue with black dots you can see in the picture.  I've never used minky, so that counts as stretching myself technically.

I picked the Happy Hour pattern again and got to work.  I didn't really want to repeat patterns, as I had already used Happy Hour in my first quilt, but I really though the simplicity of the pattern would show off the fabrics well and be masculine at the same time.  It is a quilt for my son after all.  Plus, his birthday is at the end of January so time is short.  Happy Hour is simple and sews up FAST.

Well, I started cutting and sewing and quickly realized that I had enough fabric for a full sized bed quilt. Ooops!  Coincidentally, my son sleeps in a full sized bed.  In for a penny, in for a pound right?

I still need to sew the border on.  The blocks themselves are just 8 inches short of the proper size and I had 80 inches of the rocket fabric to make the border with.  My advanced math skills calculated that I'd need 2 widths of the fabric for each side, so I decided I should cut the rocket fabric into eight 10 inch strips.  Perfect right?  Yeah, except for those pesky corners.  Good thing I still have 1/2 a yard of one of the blues.  I can cut corner squares out of that and go get more for the binding.

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  1. I love it! He's going to have the cutest little boy room ever!