Sunday, January 30, 2011

Zig Zag Quilt continued

I technically finished the zig zag quilt for my sister in law a week ago, but as I mentioned things have been crazy.  I got the mistakes corrected.  Remember how I stayed up too late and sewed past the point of competence.  It was easy to fix, but I'm glad I caught it before I sewed the long strips together.
 After you get all the diagonals sewn together, then you trim the points off.  I picked up a great piece of lavender minky with blue dots for the backing and got to basting.  I like to work on the living room rug.  It's flat, but soft on the knees and the friction provided by the rug keeps everything from shifting.

 Once I got everything pinned I started to tie.  I wimped out.  I'm a coward.  I was too afraid to trying quilting the minky.  My story, and I'll stick to it, is that I wanted a really soft drapey quilt and I thought quilting it would make it stiff.
 I used embroidery thread in colors that matched the colored zig zags.
 Then I got to the binding.  I used a two tone lavender feather on white.  I used to hate doing the binding, now I look forward to it.  The delightful woman who does quilting for me, convinced me that I should try hand sewing the binding.  I was skeptical, hand sewing seemed like a pain.  However, the finished product is so perfect, and hand sewing turns out to be so meditative, that now I'm thinking about going back and redoing, my old quilts.  Ok, maybe not redoing the old quilts, but it really is lovely.  I use an invisible stich that I learned in a doll making class.  It's called the zipper stitch, but I've also seen it called the ladder stitch.  Whatever you call it, it completely disappears, unlike a whip stitch.
 This is a pretty big quilt, more than 50 inches on a side, so sewing the binding took me a few nights in front of the TV.

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