Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3x6 Bee blocks

It took me forever to decide what block to make for the 3x6 bee.  I guess felt like I had used my best idea on the 4x5 bee and everything else felt 2nd best.  Eventually I came across this idea, which is pretty much a  mini version of Happy Hour that was my first quilt.
 I whipped up all the rest of the blocks this past weekend and am shipping them off this week.  There are a few internationally hive members and I want to make sure they get their blocks on time.
The other issue in picking a block was that 3 of the hive members had limited color schemes.  There were two monochromatic schemes and one member who requested yellow and green, which isn't the highest contrast.  I had to pick a block that would work with all the parameters.  One member just said bright colors.  that one was fun to pick for and I ended up picking all fabrics with circles, the lower left one.  I know it doesn't look every bright, but it is in person.  I need to stop taking pictures at night.

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