Monday, December 12, 2011

Manic Monday

I'm just blitzing through this list.

Must make
embroider shirts for my mom
2 batches of jam to fill jars to give as small holiday gifts (one batch done)

I'd like to get the following done
2 Christmas tree quilts for listing on etsy, the tops are already done, I  just need to quilt them.
1 something with Flurry Charm pack (I've got the top pieced and need to buy more batting)
1 Christmas Tree Skirt 

1 Grinch lap quilt for the kids
1 pillow for guild holiday exchange (swapped)
1 gift for my mother in law (4 items)
6 blocks for 4x5 bee
3 pillow cases for nephews
4 bow holders
1 quilt for my dad
1 Advent Calendar
1 Christmas Tree Skirt 
1 Wonky Star Pillow
3 pillows for teachers
1 rail fence pillow using leftovers from advent calendar
24 ornaments (I didn't make very many, but I pulled together 24 ornaments and I'm declaring it good)
7 blocks for 3x6 bee
10 embroidered dish towels (I know I said 16, but I have more than enough)


  1. Your list is much more complete than mine. Way to go!

  2. wow you are blowing through this! pix plz whenever you have a chance to do that. :)