Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rail Fence pillow

In my searches through my scrap bins, I found a stack of tiny rail fence blocks I had made with leftovers from my first christmas tree quilt.  I whipped them into a quick square and only had to make a few more to get 7x7 blocks, for a generous 20 inch pillow cover.

 It's quite low contrast, being mostly olive greens, so the block pattern doesn't stand out, which is fine with me.

 I quilted it with aqua thread in a sort of zig zag following the piecing.  You have to put your nose to it to see the quilting.  I guess the 15 minutes I spent debating the thread color to use was wasted.

In stead of binding, I just did a flange edge.  This was so fast and neat, I'll definitely do it again.  And all the raw edges are encapsulated, so it should wash just fine.  I put the right side together and stitched all around then turned it right side out and top stitched a half inch from the edge.

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