Sunday, December 11, 2011

teacher gifts

I always feel conflicted about teacher gifts.  On the one hand I don't want to spend too much money, on the other hand, these people TEACH my children.  Then there are all the peripheral people, bus driver, reading specialist, school secretaries etc.  I've finally decided that making gifts strikes a good balance.  Spending my time feels more significant than spending my money.  Plus, then I get to enjoy making something and place it in a good home.  Last year I did two embroidered dish towels and two jars of jam for the preschool teacher and her aide.  This year I did Christmas pillows for the kindergarten teacher, preschool teacher and preschool aide.  I'm also going to give them a jar of jam.  All of the other folks will be getting a dish towel and jar of jam.

Here are the pillow covers.  I appliqued the center words and did quilt as you go to make the pillow tops.  They all have envelope backs.  Ordinarily I wouldn't resume to give someone home decor items without specific preferences, but it's a Christmas pillow cover.  Everybody does some version of red and green at Christmas and they only use it for a month a year.  I figure I'm safe.  I just hope they like them.

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  1. They're spectacular! What lucky people to receive such a remarkable gift.