Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wonky Star Christmas Pillow

Since I've been kicking tush on my to do list, I took some time to work on a project for myself.  I made an eight by eight wonky star pillow.  Each square is 2 inches finished.
I used scraps from my other Christmas projects and put a border on it to bring it up to size.  For a fast finish I french seamed the the edge.  I might do that on pillows more often.  I quilted it in the white areas, just inside the seam line.  I think it gives a bit of definition to the negative spaces, which look sort of like flowers.  It might be interesting to do solid stars on a scrappy ground to make flowers instead of stars.

I don't think I have this pattern out of my system yet.  I need to do a scrappy wall hanging, but that's a project for next year.