Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where the water meets the land

This is the bargello quilt I just picked up from my quilter.  I finished piecing the top in June or July.  I can't quite remember.  This a perfect example of why I need this blog.  To be honest, I was reasonably proud of the way the quilt turned out, but after I saw the quilting, I'm blown away.  This is a perfect example of how quilting can take a project to the next level.  I really wish I was better at quilting.  I guess I just need to practice.  

I got the pattern for this quilt from a book.  I wish I could find the book so I could give proper credit to the designer.  Maybe it's hanging out with my copy of Happy Hour Quilts?  If you see them, tell them I love them and I just want them to come home safely.  Bargellos are easier than they look, but it's hard to improvise them.  I'm usually all about the improvising, but not when it comes to a bargello.  I've tried doing a bargello off the cuff and it never turned out well.  Just get the pattern, you'll be happier.

I still have to do the binding, so this quilt is still a work in progress.  Can't get any head pats from Hubby yet.

Before quilting
After quilting
Details of quilting- feathers and ferns


  1. You really do beautiful work.


  2. This is awesome. Indent mind giving kudos for unfinished work!