Monday, March 7, 2011

Disappearing Nine Patch

I've been working on a little disappearing 9 patch project in between other things.  I finally have all the blocks sewn and cut.  I only used yellow and blue prints and solids.  I did two different 9 patch sets, one with 5 yellow and 4 blue squares and the other with 5 blue and 4 yellow, both in alternating grids.  Now I need to figure out what arrangement of the blocks I want to use.  How do you like to arrange your disappearing 9 patch blocks?

I have an even number of blocks with large yellow and blue squares.  I tried this arrangement with the blocks all oriented the same way.

Then I tried mixing them all up.
They look totally different.  I might have to meditate on the different versions before committing to sewing.

The fabric is all charm squares from Connecting Threads.  I love how they sell precut sets of all their fabrics.  It's fun to get a bunch of different colors to play with patterns.


  1. This would be one of those tops that would be rearranged every time I was near enough to grab a block. Always something to tweak or change. lol hmm, a camera might help you remember options.

  2. I like to arrange the disappearing nine patch blocks so that two of the small squares in the same fabric are diagonal to one another. Love the colors on this one!

  3. Nice cheery colours. I like some kind of order with the disappearing nine patch. Some friends have done tons of these. I think two small squares and two large squares meeting together is nice.

  4. I like the second pic. I have a stack of red and aqua disappearing nine patches that need to be put together. It's a fun pattern for sure. and your blue and yellow is really cheery!

  5. I like to arrange my disappearing nine patches very scrappy with no seams matching up. This also is more forgiving when you piece that blocks together. I agree with Elle, keep moving them around until something grabs you.