Friday, March 11, 2011

Progress on the BGBGB

I finally got some real sewing done tonight.  Potty training is not going well, but once Baby Girl is in bed, I don't have to watch her like a hawk and can concentrate on something fun.  I put together the top and back of one of my Shoo Fly placemats.  I also sewed together the backing of my Modern Quilt Guild Challenge quilt.  Then I got to the good stuff, the BGBGB.

I went to a small quilt group last night and got all the fussy focal squares cut from the second crib sheet.  Surprisingly, I got 14 squares out of the second sheet too.  I guess that makes sense, they were the same size to start.  Tonight I starting sewing the framing strips and actually got 3 blocks plus their sashing done.  I couldn't resist sewing a few together just to see.
I love the alternating framing colors.  This is just going to be gorgeous.
The bad news is that I think I'm going to end up being short on the framing fabric by a piece 1.5 by 26 inches.  In other words I'm going to have the framing for all but one of the 25 blocks.  Do you know how badly this sucks?  I'm going to have to order another 1/4 of each of the green and pink pokka dots to get a strip 1.5 inches wide and not even the whole width of the fabric.  It's not like it won't get used up, but I'll have to wait even longer to get this finished.  I'm going to wait until I get the fabric all cut, before ordering more.  Maybe these two half yards will be cut a little generously and I won't need more.  A girl can hope?

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