Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP wednesday

I've got a whole lot of nothing.  I finished piecing my Modern Quilt Guild challenge quilt.  I love it, but for obvious reasons I can't show it yet.  I'm taking it to my first quilt guild small group meeting tonight for some advice on quilting it.

Speaking of quilting, I got Happy Robots back from the quilter.  She found a pantograph with stars, rockets and flying saucers that just look perfect.  I'd show you a picture, but I haven't had time.  I rather impetuously started potty training Baby Girl.  We're trying the miracle 3 day potty training, which involves watching the child like a hawk.  On top of that she's come down with a cold.  I've spent all day with her sitting on my lap.  She still hasn't peed on the potty, but she's only peed on the carpet once.  We started around 2 pm yesterday.  She did pee in her overnight diaper, but not very much.  I can't decide if this is successful or not.

Other WIP's
Baby Girl's Big Girl Bed Quilt-got fabric I needed, need to finish now that MQG challenge is pieced
Shoo Fly placemats- need sashing and backing

Projects where I have the fabric now just need to start
MIL's burnt orange quilt
MR's red and aqua with tufted tweets

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