Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Modern Quilt Guild Challenge

It's April 1st on the east coast, so I'll go ahead and post pictures of my Modern Quilt Guild Challenge quilt. I'm calling it "Relative Values".  It ended up being 50 x 50 inches.
I was inspired by a quilt in Emily Cier's new book, Quilt Remix.  I had been playing with monochromatic concentric squares in my Framed Squares quilts.

They were just feeling too traditional and not modern enough for me.  I liked the center squares, but not the border I needed to bring it up to the size required by the challenge.

I was flipping through Quilt Remix, looking for ideas for another project when I realized, Emily Cier's Trip Around the World quilt, played with those same concentric squares, but in a much more modern way.  I sat down with some graph paper and simplified the design and changed a few things.  "Relative Values" was born, so named because in color, everything is relative, including value.

I quilted it by echo quilting the seams, but making sure that I quilted it as if the quilting continued where the square was overlapped by another.
I bound it in a black with dark brown dots and the back was simply pieced with a single piece of chocolate and white damask, split off center with an light beige stripe.  I do LOVE a damask, particularly one I got for $2 a yard.


  1. Love those concentric squares floating over one another! Very nice job, much livelier than the traditional ones (which are nice too, but less active).

  2. Love the design of this particularly the overlapping of the squares. Very clever!

  3. Was your quilt just inspired by Emily Cier's book, or is the pattern available in her book? I found this quilt on Pinterest and instantly pinned it. I love the use of colors, and I would love to find a pattern so I could make my version of this beautiful quilt!!

  4. I would like this pattern too!

  5. Is your "relative values" quilt a pattern that can be purchased.
    Thanks Donna

    1. As I said in the blog post, the quilt was inspired by a quilt in Emily Cier's book. She has a pattern for her quilt and mine is similar but not the same.

  6. wonderful quilt!! if you ever want to sell the pattern you created, please let us know!