Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What have I been up to?

1. I've been trying to figure out the massive dresden plates in Lily's Quilt A Long.  I can't get the templates to print out the right size. I keep getting new ideas of what fabrics to use, so I haven't cut out anything.  In the Flikr group everyone already has all their plates sewn together, so I'm feeling behind, even though we haven't officially gotten to cutting yet.

2. I've been trying to finish up my Modern Quilt Guild Monochromatic Challenge quilt.  I hate that I don't feel comfortable posting pictures yet.  I'll post pictures April 1st, after the submission deadline.  I spray basted the quilt a week ago, but didn't get around to quilting it until Friday.  The layers held together nicely and it was the most pleasant quilting experience so far.  I didn't get any ripples or puckers.  Here is a little teaser of the back.  I echo quilted on either side of every seam, with the occasional stitch in the ditch to move from one area to another.
It took me 4 movies to finish this 50x 50 quilt.  The quilting is an inch to an inch and a half apart.  I got the binding sewn on the front last night and I'll finish hand sewing the back tonight and tomorrow.

3. Hubby and I met with a personal trainer on Saturday.  The workout didn't seem so bad, but part way through my right leg started to feel like it was going to give out.  The rest of Saturday, the wobbly feeling stayed with me.  Sunday, the tops of my thighs were in agony and I could barely walk.  Yesterday was even worse and when you add in slamming on the breaks to avoid someone who pulled out in front of me without looking, I thought I might throw up from the pain.  Today is better, but the basement stairs are still a torment.  I did go down once yesterday, to do the binding and work on #4, but when the dog wanted out I just shut everything down for the night rather than face the stairs a second time.

4. I got the rest of the pokka dot fabric I needed for BGBGB quilt and now have only one seam before the top is done.  I just have to finish piecing the back and off to the quilter it goes.  This will probably be my last professionally quilted quilt of the year.  It gets pricey, but for double bed sized quilts, it's really my only option.

5.  Potty training Baby Girl is coming along.  My MIL had the kids for the weekend and she is always good at getting them back on track behavior wise.  All the grandkids get sent to Grammy's when they need a tune up.  Kid not sleeping or eating, is acting out, whining, whatever; don't you worry Grammy will fix it.

6. While the kids were away, I did a bit of shopping.  I got a few things for Baby Girl's birthday in May and then stopped at Pier 1.  I NEVER go into Pier 1 with the kids along because the aisles are narrow and there is just too much breakable stuff.  I didn't really see anything I liked, until I started looking some BIG vases.  Then I started thinking about my mantel. We have really high ceilings and the fireplace is floor to ceiling stone, so it's rather dark.  Here is the before picture.
The vase is clear glass and just disappears.  I like the layering of pictures, but it needs a pop and some more height.
How much better does that look?  The lime green vase pops against the stone and pulls out some of the green from the pastel in the center.  I switched the dog print for a photo I took in Poland.  I'm not sure about the switch, having 3 different subjects worked pretty well.  The peacock feathers sort of disappear too, maybe some more greenery?  The big blue nude is a Matisse poster from college.  The pastel in the middle was done by my dad's wife, Jean Hirons, and is my grandmother's house.

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