Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dresden Plates

I got all my wedges cut out for Lily's Quilts: QAL.  I used 7 fabrics left over from the BGBGB quilt.
The three remaining fabrics, the blue paisley and the pink and green with white dots I'm auditioning for the centers, along with a medium floral from the Sugar Flowers line.
 I like the big cabbage roses from Sugar Flowers, but the background seems rather yellow.  Fussy cut roses would make a nice center.
 The blue paisley pulls all the colors in, but it has no impact.  It seems to get lost.
 Pink is nice and simple.  The simplicity seems to open up the center.
The green is also simple and opens up the center.  I think it has more impact than the pink.
I just don't know.  Opinions?


  1. I like the green the best but make sure you post all the options on the Flickr group and ask the same question and you will get more advice!

  2. yes, i like the green. definitely shows up more! :)

  3. The green, it is the only one that POPS, the rest just kinda blend in to the background. Your blocks look great!