Tuesday, February 22, 2011

framed squares

I'm trying to power through some unfinished projects.  Wednesday night TV is coming up soon and I need to have some handwork to do while I watch American Idol and Top Chef with Hubby.  I quilted framed squares version one and got the binding sewn on.  Tomorrow night I'll finish the back watching TV.

I've got to get a bigger table so all the fabric isn't just hanging straight down.
 I did a series of straight lines of stitching the width of the presser foot on either side of the seams.  I think I'm getting better at straight lines.  The secret to not pulling the fabric so much is to go a bit slower.  My machine has a speed regulator.  I set the regulator for 50%.  Then no matter how much I put the pedal to the metal, I don't go too fast.
I'm so pleased with the way the colors worked out.  The creams and beiges blend so nicely.  It isn't as energetic as I thought it would be, but it is lovely.
 For the backing, I just needed 2 inches wider than the fabric.  I added one off center stripe of the darkest beige.
 If you look closely you can see the stitching lines aren't quite perfect, but that's ok, no one will notice unless I point it out.  I don't mark my lines.  I just follow the seams on the front.
I'm using the lightest beige from the front for the binding.

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