Sunday, November 20, 2011

3x6 Bee block

I made another test block for the 3x6 bee.  I love it, but I'm afraid it's too simple.  I love that it shows off the fabrics and that it looks like 4 little blocks put together.

It's pretty much a tiny version of my first quilt and Happy Robots.  Both quilts followed the Happy Hour pattern.  I think that's the first and last time I followed a pattern.

This brings up an interesting question.  Do you follow patterns?  I was talking to the woman cutting my fabric at the LQS yesterday.  I was telling her about my plan for the fabrics I was buying.  She asked what pattern I was using.  I was momentarily confused, "pattern, what's a pattern?"  I told her I was making it up as I went along.  She looked just as confused as I had felt a moment earlier.  I make up everything as I go along, mostly.  Do you?

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